Microscopy in scientific research

Microscopy in scientific research

September 14, 2023, Aula E2, Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Microscopy in scientific research

September 14, 2023
Room E2, New Biological Institutes, Biomedical Chemical Pole of the University of Ferrara - via L. Borsari n. 46

The infinitely small at the Center for Electron Microscopy for 60 years at the University of Ferrara

Scientific and organizing committee:
Luca Maria Neri
Michael Mistri
Paola Boldrini
Cynthia Brenna
Marco Pezzi
Mariaconcetta Sicurella
Caroline Simioni
Edi Simoni

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Registration deadline: 31 August 2023
No registration fee is required
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Electron microscopy between science and art
On the occasion of the conference, until the end of September, some works by the artist Elisa Leonini created with the tools of the Electronic Microscopy Center will be exhibited in the corridors of the Biomedical Chemical Pole. In a dialogue between art and science, "in search of his vision of sound", works will be shown (already presented in galleries and art exhibitions in Milan and Ferrara) in which the artist generates optical and acoustic anomalies.

For more information:
conference secretariat cmeconvegno60@unife.it

Practical information:
Coffee point: morning 10:45-11:45, afternoon 15:45-16:45
in the corridor adjacent to the classroom
Lunch break: it will be held in Room F8 and in the Cloister of S. Maria delle Grazie
Overnight stay: to request an overnight stay in Ferrara in partner hotels, contact the conference secretariat